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Go: Starved Rock

February and March for *most* photographers are significantly quieter than the summer and fall months. Even December and January have their fair share of sessions in the snow. But at least in Illinois, the two sad months that follow are mostly just icky and cold and boring as we all wait for the trees to grow leaves again.

Although this winter hasn’t been nearly as bitter as previous years, it’s still not pretty. So that means putting aside all the paperwork and education that comes with this time of year and finding some way to be creative again. My favorite is hiking (and by “hiking” I really mean lagging behind the actual hiking group while I tramp along in rain boots with my camera).

To be perfectly honest, the photos from these aren't anything special. (However, if you want some serious Rockford/Midwest hiking adventures you need to follow @reed_greiter on Instagram.) But it helps me pretend like winter isn’t forever and occasionally I see baby beaver and early spring flowers. Here are some of my more recent snapshots from a trip to Starved Rock.

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