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A Note About Covid

Hello friends and family!


As we approach our wedding date, we have had many of you inquiring about how we plan to proceed with the event with respect to COVID-19. We want to be upfront with all of our guests so that you can make well-informed decisions that you deem is best for you and your family. We are expecting 200+ people at the wedding, coming from multiple areas of the country. While the wedding will be held outside with an abundance of space, we will not be requiring our guests to wear masks and we will not be limiting the number of guests who attend. We trust that our guests will respect each others' freedom of choice in this matter. We love all of you and would very much like you all to be in attendance, but we are understanding to those of you who may decide not to come. Please do feel more than free to let us know via the RSVP form if you need to rescind your prior decision. We are excited to see how the Lord works through unusual circumstances as we rely on Him for wisdom and grace.


With love,

Josh & Morgan with their parents

Joshua Crist & Morgan Brown

-our future address-

2222 Hancock St. Apt. 2-S

Rockford, IL


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