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General Information

We cannot begin to say how grateful we are that you’ll be attending this celebration with us!


Our hope is that this day will not only be special for us but fun and comfortable for all our guests as well. You can expect to enjoy the beautiful north-west Illinois landscape and sweet time with friends!

Some things to note


Location- The location where we are getting married and celebrating at is Josh’s parents' property. We are so excited to have our wedding at a place that means so much to both of us. The address is 1046 N. Elizabeth-Scales Mound Rd. but please see "navigation" for more helpful information.


What to Wear- Comfortable shoes and clothing are highly encouraged! The ceremony and reception will be on gravel and grass. We expect this day to be fairly laid back given the settings but a good opportunity to break out your sweater dresses and fall boots. The night does tend to get a bit cold, so you might want to bring something to throw on when the sun goes down! 


Arrival- Please be sure to arrive an additional 15 minutes early so everyone can get parked, walk briefly to the ceremony, and those needing assistance can be chauffeured over.


Dinner- We will be eating a light dinner* with dessert around 4:00. *dairy-free, gluten free, and vegetarian inclusive dinner options will be available for those with dietary restrictions

Registry- Our registry is hosted by Zola


Please contact the bride and groom at

See you there!

Joshua Crist & Morgan Brown

-our future address-

2222 Hancock St. Apt. 2-S

Rockford, IL


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