Morgan, your work is absolutely amazing! And you captured everything so beautifully! We can’t thank you enough!


Our pictures don't show that most of the time our daughter was refusing to have her photo taken in favor of finding frogs, butterflies, and sticks instead. Morgan was able to capture the few brief seconds of adorable instead of the rest of it and give us some beautiful memories. 


I’m so thrilled we have these memories at our soon-to-be old house where we brought two of our babies home and made so many memories! My mama heart needed this sweet unexpected blessing right about now. Thank you Morgan for capturing real life us! 

Hannah N.

Morgan was the best part of our wedding planning because she captured our special day so perfectly!


From the start of our engagement session, she made both of us feel comfortable, and the photos she captured were both true to our personalities and stunningly beautiful. Our wedding photos were even more amazing. 


When we received our complete gallery, we were amazed at how fully she captured the most perfect day of our lives. We are so thankful to have these beautiful images to document our love story.


Morgan, you did it again! We absolutely love that you were able to capture US (even though Ethan had his own agenda!) Erwin and I didn't even feel like we had to pose. Only a pro can follow a family around and make it look like we meant to do what we did! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Upon first viewing of our gallery, I immediately fell in love. Not a single picture hinted at a forced smile or a faked laugh. Instead, I saw two people who, in all genuine sincerity, had had a wonderful time just enjoying the other's company.


I am so grateful to Morgan Brown for the absolutely AMAZING photos! I'm so excited she was able to capture these sweet moments. We cannot wait to meet our sweet baby girl. Thank you Figment Photography for your wonderful work!

Hannah B.

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