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Navigation to Starkindler Ranch

1046 N. Elizabeth-Scales Mound Rd.

Elizabeth, IL

Please note- save these directions as your cell reception may be spotty in the woods around the house (rest assured, your reception will likely be great at the ceremony and reception site!) 



1. From your beginning point, make your way to Highway 20 to Elizabeth, IL.

2. On the Western edge of Elizabeth is a North blacktop road called Elizabeth-Scales Mound Road.


3. Turn North and travel 6.4 miles.


4. The location is on your left (1046 N. Elizabeth-Scales Mound Rd.).


5. Follow the blacktop driveway until you see a sign directing you to pull off onto a forest drive to the left. Continue all the way to where the forest clears into fields and you will be directed to park.



To exit, simply follow the route you came from back up the hill and onto Elizabeth-Scales Mound Rd.

Safe travels!

Joshua Crist & Morgan Brown

-our future address-

2222 Hancock St. Apt. 2-S

Rockford, IL


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