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Matt + Hallie

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

It’s not every day that you get to see your high school best friend for the first time in a couple years AND meet her forever best friend. Reconnecting with Hallie in Downtown Rockford was all sorts of fun and getting to know her fiancé Matt made it even sweeter. I’ve been known to feel a little defensive over my friends when they start dating/getting engaged because honestly is anyone good enough for them?! I think not ;) But Matt truly fits Hallie perfectly. His kindness and gentle heart reflects her own and it’s such a lovely thing to see. 

Hallie’s mom booked this engagement session for the two of them as a surprise gift while they were visiting from out of town and immediately I knew the style direction we’d probably go in (there are benefits to knowing your photographer for years and years guys!) “Industrial elegant” was the key phrase for the look and we spent high noon running around downtown Rockford. Easily my favorite location was the once abandoned building (you can see it in all the pictures against the chipping white/stone wall) right beside the UW Health Sports Factory. Once upon a time, Hallie and I traipsed through broken glass and trash in an deserted lot to get the *perfect* senior photos at the same building so it was fun coming full circle to return for her engagement photos. 

Matt and Hallie have so many fun days ahead of them and I’m so excited to see the joy and love they bring together into each new chapter. They are clearly crazy in love and not only do they know each other so well, but they have the kind of dream relationship where they don’t take themselves too seriously. I’m beyond thrilled that they found one another and can’t wait to see their future together in the married people’s club!


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