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Lydia + Michael

What can be said about Mike and Lydia that isn't more clearly seen in photos, in person, in the way they love each other? They have are sweetest souls and have the most thoughtful hearts.

This marks the 12th year I've known Lydia! We used to curl up on couches in middle school watching period dramas together and eating chocolate covered popcorn. Over the years our lives have gotten busier but she's always been the kind of person who would happily make time catch up over coffee. She is a constant friend and gentle spirit. Mike on the other hand, I've known for a very short time and really only payed attention to when he started hanging out with Lydia. Once they started dating, the only reaction was "oh! of course!" They make sense together in the kind of way that honey sriracha is the perfect combo or potato chips and ketchup. You may not think to pair them together but when you stumble on it it's just magic.

It's always a little intimidating to photograph old friends (and new ones!) because they've seen you in so many capacities, but not your actual job! But Lydia and Michael have that wonderful kind of engagement where just being with them makes the world a much sweeter place. We spent our evening in Byron, IL catching a sunset just after a long day of rain, dancing in the prairie and running through fields. Beyond thankful to spend these summer nights with the best kinds of people.

So I'll keep my eyes open, awed and amazed And if you start to doubt it, I'll remind you of the million ways

I see it, I see it I swear I do I see extraordinary magic in you

-Ben Rector


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