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Will + Brittany: Wisconsin Wedding

Will and Brittany’s Northwoods nuptials was everything a Wisconsin wedding should be- cozy, heartwarming, laid back, all sorts of outdoorsy, good food, and craft beer! What more could you want? I loved the way these two, their family, and bridal party decided to have the best day ever and really made it happen. Everyone came in from the Madison area, Wisconsin Rapids, and Illinois to party in the woods with Will and Brittany as they said “I do” and danced under a canopy of pine trees and cafe lights.

When Brittany and Will explained to me how they wanted their wedding to feel, it totally fit what is so clear about their relationship- laid back, sweet, and tons of fun. It can be a hard combo to nail but they totally knocked it out of the park.

The spirit of the day really came through in an unusual way. Brittany broke her hand earlier in the week (moving into their new home!) and postponed surgery to make her wedding happen. Not only was she NOT a bridezilla, but her fun-loving spirit carried the day. In fact, the only way you knew she was injured was her cast! No smile, laugh, or hug was missed by this girl :)

Everything about Will and Brittany’s day felt right for them and I think that’s really how every wedding should be. Whether your ceremony is on a rooftop in Chicago or barefoot in the Wisconsin Northwoods. Whether you want to a jubilant reception, surrounded by all your friends and family or a quiet, intimate dinner with the people you love most. We are in such a great time in history where there are so many ways to enjoy your wedding and these two really made it theirs.

Easily my favorite part of the day was the lantern exit at the end of the night. Instead of sparklers, confetti, or bubbles, they chose biodegradable floating lanterns for their sendoff. It was even more magical than I could have imagined.

It's all brand new Because of you Feels like I've known you forever

My love

-Joshua Radin-


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