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The Post-Processing Process

When I was 15, I sat down at my (graphic designer) dad’s massive computer and taught myself Photoshop. I was totally hooked- tea in hand, listening to Paul Simon, squinting at a screen was and still is my favorite place to be. Within a matter of weeks, I discovered filters sold by every imaginable photographer. With just one click I could turn my photos into something to match their own portfolio (..or, y’know that’s what I thought at 15..) Editing was and continues to be one of my favorite parts of photography.

(Editing 2013 + 2018)

The process of buying filters that didn’t really work went on for years. I was almost maniacal in trying to make my editing something I was proud of. At some point, I have given nearly every style on the market a whirl. All along realizing that I have to pick SOMETHING and being reminded by established artists that the key to success is consistency.

(Newborns 2012 + 2018)

I could have settled years ago on a distinct look and my work would have made more consumer sense, but I wouldn’t have been satisfied. Last year I finally understood that the key to my editing is not in matching my look to any one artist or even one single style that I create, it is suiting my editing to real life.

Every time I pull out my camera, I’m presented with unique colors, settings, and atmospheres. I’m not going to edit a spring garden party wedding the way I would a ceremony in a castle in late summer. One is all pastels and the other is deep browns. Why would I force either into one look?

(Editing green 3 different ways)

So I stopped using filters made by other photographers. Now my philosophy is simply: “what is the most storybook like version of this reality?” The qualities that draw me back to favorite songs, paintings, children’s books, illustrations, novels, and every kind of art are the qualities that I want to see in my own art- the kind that make you feel like its the very best version of what you love. Home, but better.

All that said, it may still seem like my style changes from day to day. And that’s actually true, just not as drastically. Because I want to invite you to look at your world as it IS in it’s best light possible, not just the mold I’m trying to force it into. It’s a process. A post process ;)


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