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Your homework!


As we walk into this wedding day together, I want to know you well. This may require some transparency but trust that I’m fully here for YOU. I want to be your greatest advocate on this beautiful day in your life. 

Take some time to consider and maybe make notes on the questions below since they’ll be the foundation of our future conversations.

  1. What or who is your priority on your wedding day? (no answer is wrong- are you wanting to just get married already? Spend a beautiful day with your new spouse? Create a wedding that fosters unity between your families? Throw an amazing, fun party?)

  2. When you picture your wedding day, who are the people you can’t wait to spend the day with? (fiancé, bridal party, family, friends from far away, etc.)

  3. When you think of you and your fiancé, how would you describe your relationship? How do you spend your time together?

  4. What role do you expect your family to play in your wedding day?

  5. What, if any, problems do you imagine may crop up? (e.g. venue does not usually accommodate weddings so they may not be totally prepared, divorces that may create conflict, family/friends may have their own idea of how the wedding day should go, etc.)

  6. What makes your wedding day a little unique?

  7. Where are you pulling inspiration from for the look/feel/design of your wedding?

More than anyone else on this day, I’ll be creating a safe space for you and your fiancé to truly enjoy your wedding day and each other; whether that’s just being a quiet support, gently directing your bridesmaids to pick up the pace so you aren’t late to your first look, refereeing family members who are putting undo pressure on you, or bustling your dress since the MOH forgot how ;) I’ve seen it all and I know that my role is so much more than simply being a fly on the wall.

Please feel comfortable sharing as little or as much information as you think will be helpful. I’ve got your back!


I’d love for you to take a minute to fill out the below information so I know how to get ahold of you throughout the coming months and after the wedding!

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If you would like me to be in direct contact with bride/groom, please specify. Please add the name/contact number of your wedding coordinator as well if you have one.

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