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Preparing for

Your Fresh 48

Congratulations! I can't wait to meet your new baby! 

Fresh 48 sessions are some of the sweetest, most genuine moments I get to document. But there are a few things for you to consider before we dive headfirst into the exciting day ahead!

Before the Hospital

Pick your outfits and have them ready! 


-Whether it’s just the parents or you’re also including older siblings, make sure you have everyone’s outfits set aside and ready to go. Pack the kids outfits for dad or the sitter to have ready to go. Be sure to communicate to the grownup in charge of how you want hair done and other details. No need to be fancy but it deescalates stress when the sitter doesn’t have to figure out how to dress the kids on their own.

-Communicate to dad how you want him to dress. Again, this is a real-life session. No need to get dressed up but avoiding heavy graphics, stiff fabrics, and super bright colors is always a good call. Soft t’s, sweaters, jeans, etc. are always a good call for Fresh 48

-Baby clothes! I always recommend at least a white onesie for clean, fresh photos that really highlight your sweet babe or the white t that hospitals often give to newborns. Beyond that, it’s up to your imagination! Cute pajamas, a little graphic t-shirt, etc.

-Find your own outfit! This may be the most stressful part of this Fresh 48 but don’t let it be. You’re about to have a baby! A few things to keep in mind:

-Remember that you’ll naturally still have your baby bump so pack maternity clothes


-This session is about real life memories. Don’t feel like you have to wear anything that doesn’t make you 100% happy. Pajamas and messy buns are completely valid (at all sessions but ESPECIALLY after you just gave birth!) 


-Go for comfort: a good call may be leggings, comfy socks, a soft t-shirt with a cardigan to keep warm or a lace kimono (I have a cream one in my client lending closet) over jersey knit swing dress like these ONE - TWO - THREE


cream lace kimono over black tank top and leggings

Visitor Policy


-Find out the visitor policy at the hospital. Hours and guest policies vary and you don’t want to be surprised when I can’t come up because visiting hours ended 

At the Hospital

Notify Your Family (and Photographer!)

-When baby is born, shoot me a quick text after you’ve sent the announcement to your family and friends so I can start clearing my schedule if need be. 


-I’ll arrange a time with you (dad) to come to the hospital for baby’s first photoshoot. We’ll want to pick a time when there’s lots of natural light within the visitor hours.

Get the Room Ready

-Turn the heat up. For real. Baby will sleep better and won’t be as disturbed during any clothes changes and movement if the room temperature is very warm.


-Tidy the room. Before I arrive, it’s up to you to clean things up! Just make sure most of the paraphernalia is largely out of sight. We’ll be taking a lot of the photos near the windows (hospital lights are ugly!) so the area around there should be your primary target. 


You’ve done a ton already! This is your time to recover and rest. 

That being said, I need you to do 2 things-

-Feed baby about 45 minutes before I arrive so they’re full and you’ll have enough time to manage diaper messes


-Take a few minutes to get ready, whatever that looks like for you. If you know you’ll feel better after taking a shower, brushing your teeth, touching up your hair, or changing clothes then make sure that happens! Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to freshen up if that’s a priority for you so you don’t feel stressed when I arrive.


If at all possible, pass off the responsibility of bringing your older kids to the hospital to a third party (grandparents, close family friend, etc.)  who can stay close at hand to help keep an eye on them.


With a new baby, a photographer, and mom mostly out of commission we don’t want to leave the craziness all up to dad ;)


Something to consider is having the kids arrive for the first time at the hospital after I do. It may seem strange to have your photographer meet your baby before the siblings do, but getting those first photos of all your children meeting the new addition is so special. 


Regardless of whether it’s the first meeting though, a later arrival may be best so we can take newborn photos and pictures with mom and dad without other littles running around. :)

Enjoy the Moment

This day will never happen again.

It's always true, but take time especially in this Fresh 48 session to just enjoy this day for exactly what it is. Whether it's a little wild with the addition of another baby to the clan, a little overwhelming as first time parents, or whatever the circumstance may be.

This session may not *feel* picture-perfect, peaceful, or calm but let's turn on some music, put on your comfiest socks, and cuddle your new baby.


It's a day to celebrate new beginnings.

Images from Baby Birdie's in-home Fresh 48 session
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