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Second Shooting



Hi! I’m Morgan Brown and I’m a family and wedding photographer. But for you I may just be the gal who tags along to weddings with her camera bag in tow to pass you water and grab all the candid shots you need.

While I always love being lead on my own weddings, second shooting is also my jam (so I made a whole extra page!) I truly enjoy the opportunity to meet other photographers and pick up on their unique philosophies and the way they approach a wedding day. 

I’ve been photographing weddings for 7 years and during that time have second shot for over a dozen different wedding photographers.


What I Bring to the Table-

  • My own vehicle

  • Timeliness and organization

  • Very comfortable with shooting solo if needed (for example- emergencies, groomsmen getting ready, bridal party, decor and details, etc.)

  • An eye for candids

  • Confident shooting in low light scenarios

  • Never use second shooting photos in my portfolio, social media, website etc. as I want to preserve the integrity of your brand and mine and want to be focused on you and your couple instead of what images *I* can use

  • A desire to blend into your brand and style as much as possible


  • Body- Canon 5Diii

  • Lenses- 85mm, 50mm, 35mm

  • Flash- Speedlite 580EX II

What I Require-

Memory Cards- For ease of mind for both you and me, I will shoot on your cards (my 5D has both an SD and CF slot) and use the second slot as a backup with mine. However I will not pass off my own personal cards to you at any point. While I do not use the pictures I take, I have lost too many memory cards in the shuffle after weddings between primary and second shooters.

Food- some photographers don't eat during the reception and that's very impressive but I'm not about that life. If you anticipate that we will be shooting for more than 6 hours without any kind of a snack or meal break you should probably count me out ;)

Gallery- I LOVE looking through one of your full wedding galleries to refer to before the wedding. My desire is to blend seamlessly into your style and that is easiest when I've seen a full wedding you've shot

All the Details- A clear schedule at least 18 hours before the wedding with addresses and how you prefer your second shooters to dress

My Work

*note- as mentioned above, I do not publish or use photos I take while second shooting. All of the below images are from my own weddings or shoots

My Fee- $60/hour

Why is this number slightly above the market average? 

As noted above, I'm highly experienced and strive to make my presence as convenient and non-intrusive as possible. I also do not use any of the photos I take as a second to build my portfolio. You and your clients are my priority all day. I will not be butting in to try and get the shot I *need* for my portfolio and the only compensation I will receive for my work is monetary.

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Looking forward to shooting with you! -Morgan

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