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Tips + Tricks for a Successful Session

Treat Time

I encourage you NOT to bribe or promise treats to your kids before your session. Consider saving those promises for later during the shoot if needed. In fact, feel free to text me ahead of time if you do have anything special planned afterward (maybe a trip to the park or favorite food) I can pull that bunny out of the hat at just the right moment when everyone is feeling a little restless.


We all want gorgeous, perfectly posed, smiling family photos. While I’ll give my best effort to try for some, it’s also important to recognize that there are other personalities in the mix too that make for memorable images. Giving them time and space lets them calm down and have fun.

Take a Breather

Sometimes it can feel like being the photo subject is more work than taking the photos. When prompted, feel free to step back and just enjoy the moment. I’ll spend time with your kids getting the amazing photos you want and you get a second all to yourself. 

Time to Play

My hope is that your session is fun and full of life! We’ll play games and run around and let the kids be silly. Sometimes getting out their wiggles is the quickest fix, so don’t stress if they just can’t seem to sit still. When you’re calm and happy, they’ll start to feel the same way. 

Cool and Collected

I know that those pre-session hours are STRESSFUL. However, try to show up 10-15 minutes early to get adjusted to the new environment. Ask the kids what games they might want to play (I’ll have plenty ready!) and what they're excited about. The most important thing is to try and keep the tension low and the happiness high! Even the littlest ones will notice when their parents are stressed. 

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