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Tips & Tricks for a

Successful Session

Be Yourself

Embrace who you are! Your photos shouldn’t look like everyone else’s. Take the time to consider the style you want your photos to reflect- from outfits to location to accessories and hairstyles. Get creative! Now’s the time to play with all the fun options. 

Settle In

I want you to feel comfortable and confident and 100% yourself. Tell me about you two and your relationship so I can direct you into poses that feel natural and beautiful! Never be afraid to communicate if something feels weird and always take a deep breath and snuggle in a little more. 

Make a Day of It

Couples sessions are so fun because without a crew of kids and extended family, you can really just stack activities on top of each other! I love hearing how my engaged couples go to a movie after their session. First anniversary couples head to their favorite restaurant. The options are endless! Build your session into a date-night and you’re on track for a super memorable day. 

It Takes Two

Get your fiancé on board! When it’s just the two of you, we have so much time to try new things, change outfits, go to different locations. Make sure your fiancé knows that you want their creative ideas. If they want to include your favorite brewery in your session, then by all means let’s make it happen! You two have rival teams? Bring the jerseys! Everyone should be at least a little excited about fun photos that show your personalities and love.

Cool and Collected

I know that those pre-session hours are STRESSFUL. However, try to show up 10-15 minutes early so you're not flying in crazed and dazed. The most important thing is to try and keep the tension low and the happiness high! Turn on your favorite music, grab an iced coffee, let's make art!

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