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I’m Morgan

I love art in almost every form. If I don't have my camera in hand, chances are I have a knitting project, pen and ink, loom weaving, or latest cooking obsession in the works; sometimes all at once. I am happiest with tea, a good podcast or playlist, and totally focused in on a creative project (please don’t ask me to do any math though!) But photography is my passion because through photos I get to connect with people like you. Don’t we all just want to have meaningful conversations with people?  Photography really allows me to connect with people over the important things and create art with them. 


I’m passionate about things that have meaning and that last. The things that aren’t just for show on social media but for you to hold onto for years to come. I want to take photographs like this day really matters, because it does. Whether it’s a newborn session in the hospital, a family shoot at golden hour, or your wedding day, today matters. 


My shooting method is quiet and reserved. While I love creating organization out of chaos when it comes to bridal party photos and extended family portraits, you probably won’t see me jumping on the dance floor or suggesting that your bridesmaids make a human pyramid. The main event is you and the people you love and I’m here to document it all. 

Morgan Brown

Your wedding photographer isn't just another vendor. You’ll be spending one of the most important days of your life with them. Take the time to find someone who shares your values and is passionate about making your wedding day amazing in its own unique way.

favorite things



soups, stews, and chowders

peanut butter mochas 

coffee from McDonalds

evening drives

farm animals

lilac (both the color and plant) 

my loud, happy family

Western North Carolina

mountains and coastlines

music of almost any kind

backyard weddings

handmade gifts


summer walks

inky pens

Icelandic skyr

napping outside


hiking and boating

Morgan Brown

I'd much rather talk with you than at you.

Face to face conversations are my favorite. If you agree and want to connect in real life, send me a message!

Let's grab coffee or schedule a call.

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