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Megan + Erwin: Covid Micro-Wedding

So so many exceptionally sweet moments on this exceptionally sweet day. There are lots more photos here than usual because honestly guys, you know Megan and Erwin wanted their whole crew here to celebrate with them, so we're making up with it by piling on the pictures so we can all relive it in spirit!

When we first talked about their wedding day, Erwin and Megan had described it as a full fledged party filled with gorgeous details and tons of fun and friends! Well, they got everything covered except for the "lots of friends" part. They chose their very closest people, restructured their day with a completely new location (their favorite park and their backyard!), and had an absolute blast! ..y'know, after the craziness of "oh hey there's a pandemic and we have to nix our venue and party plan and get married at home" had sorted itself out ;)

The day started out at their home, getting ready with their closest friends (half the wedding attendees were in the bridal party!) moved to their ceremony at Spencer Park, which holds so much sentimental significance to their relationship, and finished up the day in their backyard with a couple tents and a new deck and pergola Erwin and a few friends built for the occasion!

While their original plan had to be completely rewritten, Megan still wanted all the beautiful details she had envisioned and I am SO glad they all came together! Megan and I actually met a few years ago while we were working together briefly at Event Floral (look them up if you want all the gorgeous floral inspiration) and I've had the privilege of being her family photographer ever since. So it was such a blast to geek out over all the gorgeous flowers from Event Floral literally everywhere on her own wedding day. Another AMAZING addition was the completely stunning and delicious cake from Julie Michelle Cakes. I definitely did take a piece to-go!

Other favorite details: the Moscato Megan and her dad made for the original wedding plan, all the gorgeous goblets for every guest's place setting, twinkle lights everywhere, a guest appearance by their dog Oakley at the guys' getting ready place, a handful of singing mic moments by their son at both the ceremony and reception, a flower petal confetti canon made by their friends, and too many super precious moments to count.

Here's the thing. Weddings just aren't looking the same this year and I think we are all in tune enough to know the bummer parts of that. But I have loved seeing the different kind of happy that has come along with the change. When people ask me what I love about my job I often say "seeing people on one of the best days of their life with the most important people in their lives." And these micro-weddings have really accentuated that. There is something so incredible about watching people make the most of a situation, have to cut their guest list down, and just enjoy things for what they are. Incredible to watch their family and friends surround them with extra love and celebrate even more enthusiastically and cry all the tears and set off all the flower confetti canons because this day still matters so so much.