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Rachel + Levi

They've got that rainy day, coronavirus, mini wedding, nothing's gonna stop us kind of love.

This is the quickest blog turn-around I’ve ever had. And for good reason! Rachel and Levi were married yesterday and so many of their friends and family were unable to join. These two have the kindest hearts and I know their greatest desire was to have all the people they love in one spot to come together and rejoice with them. So my hope is that the next best thing is the highlight reel ready today :)

Like all my very favorite weddings start, Rachel found me on Instagram last summer and our shared love of a good coffee, a good worship song, and a good road trip made for the BEST match. We got to spend plenty of quality time on the phone after they booked me to shoot their May wedding, which at that time was going to be the sweetest party surrounded by so many people they love. The more we talked, the more excited I was to see Rachel and Levi in their element. It’s so clear that their joy is loving on others and worshipping together and that their wedding was just another opportunity to do that.

Everything was set, we were all ready to go with this plan and then the coronavirus happened. And while Rachel and Levi were clearly bummed, they weren’t going to let it stop them. Whether they got married with just the two of them and an officiant, a big bash, or only their immediate families, they were going forward with the ceremony! That’s exactly what we did!

I’ve never used my zoom lens so much in my life or worn a mask while shooting! If you think your glasses get foggy while wearing it, the viewfinder is 10 times worse! ;) The goal of course was to keep contact to a minimum, so the ceremony was held outdoors with just their parents, siblings, and the officiant. However, this left the door open for rain. And it rained so much! While it was scheduled to thunderstorm, we just got a heavy, constant drizzle. Tents saved the day, bare feet became the standard, and no storm could rain on their sweet parade. Even as Levi's dress shoes got covered in mud and Rachel's train was soaked, they just kept radiating joy.

This was one of the very happiest weddings I’ve witnessed. In spite of every plan going out the window and every dream looking different in reality, Rachel and Levi were one of the most joyful couples I’ve photographed. They knew that what really mattered was not the perfect setup, the party with friends, or even having a hint of sunshine on their wedding day. It was simply the fact that they were getting married. That in spite of everything going on in the world and so many disappointments as they got closer to the wedding day and even their plan b looking completely different than anticipated, they chose to delight in the day they were given.

Congratulations, Levi and Rachel! If your wedding day is any foreshadowing of your marriage, it will be so many years of sweet contentment as you choose Jesus and choose joy together!


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