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Emily + Tanner: Winston-Salem, North Carolina Wedding

Oh man, so much to say about these precious people and their stunning wedding day! Tanner and Emily met in the wilds of Alaska while Emily was spending her summer in Tanner's town. Something about that Alaskan beauty (or more likely Tanner’s knack of getting her to laugh) made Emily’s heart melt a little and turned these two cuties into Mr. & Mrs!

As lovely as the Alaskan bush is, they chose to have their wedding at Legacy Stables & Events closer to family in the Piedmont-Triad area and it was clearly a magical day. They asked all their siblings, siblings' spouses, and a sweet cousin to join their bridal party and even though it was a pretty large celebration, that little change was all the difference in making it an intimate, family-oriented day.

For being such outdoorsy people, Tanner and Emily are pretty tuned into their glam side and Legacy Stables was the perfect combination of elegant and rustic, southern class and northern cozy to cover all their personality facets. Emily's mom is a wedding planner herself so every detail came together so beautifully to celebrate the couple and the people in their life who have shaped and supported them.

One of the most special parts of Emily and Tanner's wedding was their pre-ceremony moments. Rather than going for a full first look or sticking with the traditional route of not seeing each other til the aisle, they made their own rules and stole away for a few minutes of holding hands, sharing notes, and praying together around the corner just before the ceremony. I love this for couples who want to settle the jitters that come before a wedding but may not want a first look. Such a good reminder that there may be more options than first meet the eye for creating a day that suits your needs, dreams, and personalities!

Other favorite non-traditional details include the addition of the family dog Molly in the bridal party, pie and rootbeer floats instead of cake, and the super fun choreographed dance Emily and her dad performed! There is no such thing as a perfect wedding, but sometimes the details fall into place to create a day that prioritizes the important things, encapsulates the love you share, and celebrates the people you care about and this was one of those days.

Gown: Bellisima

Videography: Micah Nunley

Signage: Mikaela Herms


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