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Charis Cook Pottery

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

This August, Charis asked me to visit her pottery studio in Stillman Valley, IL and photograph both her pieces and her process. 

We spent some time before the shoot working to create a vision for where her brand is headed and what images would be best to compliment her art but one of the joys of photographing brands and businesses is the life each shoot takes on its own. You can go in with expectations but art creates art and what you initially thought would be the best way to showcase the product may get left by the wayside. That was exactly the case with Charis’s pottery. When we walked into the session, we were both expecting to photograph in a light, minimalist style and ended up with nearly 300 images in earthy beiges, browns, and grays and we both were pleasantly delighted with the results. 


That kind of magic doesn’t happen though when you hold on tightly to results. The magic is in the creating, in knowing that while having expectations can help you on your journey to art it can also pull you back when you’re not willing to let it go. Charis totally understands this creative process, we spent tons of time talking about where her business has been and where it’s going and she’ll be the first to say that her style has changed over the years and gone in directions she hasn’t expected. If we weren’t constantly changing and growing, we wouldn’t be artists.

The one thing that has remained consistent in Charis’ art however is the meaning behind it. Her goal with every piece she makes is to create something that is lovely and practical. Check out her shop HERE to see for yourself!


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